Rainbow Komodo Dragon XPU 00079

18th September 2010

Rainbow Komodo Dragon takes Breed Champion at Cheshire Show 2010

Foxglove reigns Supreme

9th September 2010

Foxglove (Deva Havnbjerg 374) won the Supreme Champion Pig at Westmorland Show on 9th Sept 2010.

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Why Charollais Sheep?

Having worked on sheep farms throughout the UK, Andrew had the chance to view at first hand various different pure breeds, their crosses and the management of them. From the Hills and Dales of the Pennines to the intensive sheep farms of coastal Northumbria and the Cotswolds, he learnt a great amount about finished lamb production. Combining this with over twelve years working in the meat industry (including a year in research at Bristol University) he has been able to see lamb both on the hoof, on the hook and in the retailer's cabinet and what effects meat quality and yield throughout the supply chain from farm to fork.

  1. Easy lambing - a must on welfare and to ease workload at crucial time
  2. Superb confirmation - just see them on the butchers block.
  3. Lean Meat production - nobody likes too much fat but just enough to flavour
  4. Fast growth rates - the quicker to market the quicker to profit
  5. Flexible marketing of a consistent product either intensively or extensively grown
  6. They look good grazing in our fields.

As we are not a registered charity - contrary to what many may think! We do have to make a margin and we know the Charollais breed will allow us to do achieve this.