Rainbow Komodo Dragon XPU 00079

18th September 2010

Rainbow Komodo Dragon takes Breed Champion at Cheshire Show 2010

Foxglove reigns Supreme

9th September 2010

Foxglove (Deva Havnbjerg 374) won the Supreme Champion Pig at Westmorland Show on 9th Sept 2010.

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Why Pigs?

Working on a Cambridgeshire pig farm for a summer enhanced Andrews interest in pigs. Initially when he took the job he did not know how fortunate he was to work for John Millard of JJ Genetics, but John took the time to educate a shepherd and turn him into a pig man!

It was hard not to grow fond of these animals and their antics plus and so when the time was right we bought some weaners. Our first purchase was of three Oxford Sandy & Black weaners (Derek, Patch & CeCe) the two males of this trio were slaughtered for pork and originally CeCe was due for home cured bacon but we had an anthropomorphic moment so we decided to see if we could become pig breeders and went to meet Charlie!

After a six-week holiday on the North Wales coast with Charlie she returned but was lonely so as pigs prefer friends we bought a Pedigree in-pig Saddleback gilt called Bluebell to keep her company.

Bluebell had 11 Welsh x piglets in June but unfortunately CeCe failed to deliver so as it had taken three months to find a boar and after talking with smallholders who were in a similar position we decided to invest in a magnificent Duroc Boar called Stanley!