Rainbow Komodo Dragon XPU 00079

18th September 2010

Rainbow Komodo Dragon takes Breed Champion at Cheshire Show 2010

Foxglove reigns Supreme

9th September 2010

Foxglove (Deva Havnbjerg 374) won the Supreme Champion Pig at Westmorland Show on 9th Sept 2010.

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Stan's at stud

On the 27th July 2004 Tates Thunder 2 (Stanley to his Friends) arrived at Church Farm. He was not just good; he was a magnificent Duroc boar!

We selected the Duroc as a breed because they were dark skinned, hardy and from our research work we saw that Duroc bloodlines were being used to improve the eating quality of pork and bacon as they have intramuscular fat within the meat rather than large amounts of subcutaneous fat which would mean his cross bred piglets out of either rare breed or commercial sows should provide us and other smallholders with outdoor pork of supreme eating quality.

This coupled with a superb growth rate and food conversion efficiencies should mean that Stanley's offspring should produce tasty pork and bacon without eating us out of house and home.

To prevent Stanley getting bored we advertised his services in the Farmers Guardian and Smallholder Magazine and this led to him having numerous girlfriends during the winter of 2004/05. Of course this was just the beginning and led to more arrivals of breeding pigs until we now have the fully fledged Deva Duroc Herd.

Stanley also gave us our first insight into showing pigs with a trip to Cheshire show in 2005 from where he proudly returned with the title of Breed Champion.